All You Need to Know About Carpet Recycling in Larimer County, CO

Our company provides prompt, affordable, and high-quality carpet recycling services to home and business owners in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Berthoud and all throughout Larimer County, CO.


Are you replacing the carpets in your home or commercial building and would like to know more about carpet recycling in Larimer County? Congratulations for trying to protect the environment and get rid of the waste in a responsible manner! Unless you resort to professional junk removal services like ours, your mission will not be easy. 

Unfortunately, despite CARE’s continuous efforts to solve the problem, there is no universal solution to recycle old carpets. Each home and business owner is on their own, and carpet recycling costs money. 

The actual amount depends on location, quantity, type of carpet, and solution adopted. Your best chance to keep costs low and get rid of your old carpets responsibly is to work with a waste removal company with experience in carpet pad recycling services.

The Importance of Carpet Pad Recycling in Larimer County, CO

Carpet pad recycling is a viable solution to dispose of old carpets without contributing to the local landfills. According to statistics, around 125 million tons of carpet pads are thrown away annually in residential areas alone. 

According to Carpet America Recovery Efforts, also known as CARE, carpet recycling allows turning this waste into other useful products. Not only is the waste kept away from landfills but it serves a new purpose, gets a new life. 



Old carpets can be broken down into fibers and used to make new carpets. Therefore, by recycling carpet, we not only protect the environment but also answer other needs and spare resources. 

No wonder carpet pad recycling services are growing in popularity! They make all this possible, while also sparing home and business efforts from having to dispose of their old carpets by themselves. 

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Now you know the importance of carpet recycling. If you’re planning to replace your old carpets, let us help you dispose of them responsibly! Call (970) 613-9642 and ask about our old carpet disposal service. 

Our representatives will help you plan your carpet disposal in Larimer County so as to avoid contributing to the local landfills and keep costs low. Whether you live in Loveland, Fort Collins, or Windsor, Berthoud CO and surrounding areas, we’ll make carpet disposal a breeze!

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